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Our Process

What is a Buyer’s Specialist?

When you buy a home with us, you will work directly with one of our experienced Buyer’s Specialists. A Buyer’s Specialist only works with buyers; they are not distracted by working with sellers too. This allows them to provide individualized service and their time is 100% focused on finding you the right home.

They will:

  • Evaluate and compare homes.
  • Protect your best interests.
  • Make recommendations about improvements/remodeling.
  • Coordinate bids from our extensive vendor list for desired improvements/remodeling.
  • Advise and assist each step of the way.
  • Their service is free to you as a buyer.

Our 3 Step Process

1. Exploratory meeting

This is one of the most important steps to ensure success. The meeting is your opportunity to let us know exactly what you want and don’t want in a home. It also allows us to ask questions and open your mind to additional opportunities you may not have considered. The meeting will conclude with a solid strategy to move forward and find you a great deal.

2. Finding great deal

We search hourly for new homes on the MLS. When we cannot find the perfect home in the MLS, we look for off market opportunities.

Off Market Strategy:

  • Direct mail, phone and email homeowners who own a home, like the one you are interested in, find out if they would entertain an offer.
  • Past expired, cancelled & withdrawn listings
  • Our database –our team hold Home Selling Workshops and every month we meet with 150-200 home owners who are considering selling in the future. This is an amazing opportunity for our buyer clients like you because it gives you the first look at homes before they are listed for sale

The Off Market Strategy is amazing because there is very little competition for these homes, unlike homes listed in the MLS.

3. Advise and consult

Most real estate transactions include extensive negotiations and have specific, contractual timeframes to perform various tasks. If these timeframes are missed, a buyer can face legal and financial repercussions. As a Buyer Specialist, we negotiate offers and navigate the escrow process every day and our expertise is passed onto you. Communication is critical and we will make sure you know what you need to do next and when important deadlines are coming up. We will be your go-to for any and all questions that arise. As your Buyer Specialist, we will expertly negotiate the offer price, request for repairs, solar transfer (if applicable), and any other point that needs negotiation to ensure a successful purchase.